A new book about Cape Cod from Sea Crow Press!

Mary E. McDermott is a 13th generation Cape Codder. Her stories are time capsules transporting readers to an earlier, pre-development Cape Cod past.

What was life like on old Cape Cod?

Lunch counters. Working the telephone switchboard. A song called Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder. Love during World War II. Hurricanes. A time when scarlet fever could kill, doctors made house calls, and locals brushed shoulders with celebrities such as Anaīs Nin and Dr. Scholl in Provincetown. 

These and other poignant memories of a Cape Cod town are preserved in the stories of an Orleans family bringing local characters and simpler times to life. Told in vignettes spanning from the 1920s to the Baby Boom, these stories preserve the grit and charm of Old Cape Cod.

Old Orleans: Memories of a Cape Cod Town is living history at its best. This quiet read brings the past to life now and for future generations.

About Mary E. McDermott

Mary E. McDermott is a 13th-generation Cape Codder living in Orleans. She worked for 17 years in the Orleans Assessor’s Office and 23 years as a commercial insurance broker at Pike Insurance Agency. She has been a justice of the peace to solemnize marriages since 1976 and has previously published two books of poetry, Tapestry and Handle with Care. Her poems have appeared in several publications including the Christian Science Monitor.


    1. Mary thrilled to hear aboutyou new book. Will be reading it. My niece Gina Troisi book comes out next month.
      Anne LeMaitre
      P.S. you picture is great.


  1. I am looking forward to reading it. Will it be available on Amazon? Or, can I get an autographed copy from you? It sounds like a nice perspective on life in Orleans back when……. Can’t wait to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Where can I obtain a copy? I just know it’ll be a good read, thanks to Mary’s wit and intellect… and no one I can think of knows and remembers old Orleans better than Mary. I can’t wait to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

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