bare hooves and open hearts

Bare Hooves and Open Hearts

by Fran McNicol

pets / horses / rewilding

ISBN 978-1735814025

No Foot, No Horse?

What if we could keep our beloved horses in a way that is governed by their needs rather than our convenience? Your horse needs shoes and pads…or does he? For strong healthy bodies and sound minds, horses need friends to socialise, freedom to roam, and a natural, diverse, forage-based diet to meet their needs. Learn more about becoming your horse’s ideal human in Bare Hooves and Open Hearts, original horse tales from rural England describing how the author, a horsewoman surgeon, learned from her horses to help them flourish barefoot and on holistic diets.

Praise for Bare Hooves and Open Hearts:

A fascinating read. McNicol’s empathy for horses combines with her medical background to confidently eschew accepted dogma, increasing her horse’s performance while deepening their sense of wellbeing. ~Paul Robinson, author of The 5 Levels of Formality

As an amateur equestrienne living in the UK and a full-time surgeon, Fran McNicol obviously knows a huge amount about the human animal, but the most useful product of medical training, from the horses’ point of view, is that she learned how to research, evaluate evidence, and then apply theory to optimise the care of her horses.

Her writing is therefore a mix of opinion and her current state of learning from 25 years of doctoring, time working around the world as a polo groom, and many years of keeping her own horses. She loves training young horses and focuses on riding the sport horse both classically and holistically. She competes regularly for her local riding club, especially in One Day Eventing. 

Nelipot Cottage started life as an educational blog to share learning and best practise to promote the benefits of a barefoot and holistic herd lifestyle for whole horse health and to reflect on life lessons learned along the way. She believes that horses exist to bring out the very best in humans. Fran hopes that sharing these tales will bring new friends, kindred spirits, exchange of knowledge, and lots of positive energy into the lives of the Nelipot herd.

She blogs on her website Nelipot Cottage.