moon tide

Moon Tide Cape Cod Poems

by Mary Petiet


ISBN 978-0578646602

If you love Cape Cod, you’ll love Moon Tide. Horseshoe crabs, ghosts, tree men, black dogs, and daffodils. These characters come alive in Moon Tide, a collection of Cape Cod poems. Cape Codders may recognize themselves or their friends in these pages, and visitors will find a wonderful souvenir of their Cape Cod vacation.

Praise for Moon Tide

The New Mary Oliver

Some have compared Petiet’s work to Thoreau, but to my mind these poems are more reminiscent of Mary Oliver. While the sense of place is similar to walking with Thoreau, the writing has the sensory power of Oliver–I love the way the author brings the smells of sea and sand, and the landscape, to life throughout. I live in the Rockies, but reading this I’m brought right back to the Cape, to weathered gray houses and frogs in the marsh and the constant presence of the sea like its own person. ~Antonia Malchik, author of A Walking Life: Reclaiming Our Health and Our Freedom One Step at a Time

“Worthy of a spot on the shelf next to Thoreau…

We are lucky enough to live in the quiet, historic district of Cape Cod, and we, like many Cape Codders, are big fans of Petiet’s writing. Moon Tide is positively beautiful. The imagery Petiet conjures up for the reader is so clear–and she celebrates all the things we love about “olde Cape Cod”–hidden away stone walls, worn cedar shingles, the sounds of the gentle tides, the creaks of old homes and the rustling of cedars. Every one of these poems is extremely well written. Smart, funny, whimsical, sensual, and they all swirl together perfectly to give the reader a magical Cape Cod escape without leaving the couch. We cannot wait for her next one! BRAVO!!” ~T.R. Dott

Mary is a writer, poet, and publisher from Cape Cod, and her work is deeply influenced by the Cape’s nature and inspirational energy. Readers say they find their own treasure in her poetry, and have compared her work to Mary Oliver and Thoreau. Mary is the founder of Sea Crow Press, and currently divides her time between Cape Cod and Amsterdam, where she winters with her family and her cat Pip.