owl magic your guide through challenging times

Owl Magic Your Guide through Challenging Times

by Mary Petiet

journaling / happiness / feminist thought

ISBN 978-1735814001

Reveal your hidden power! Open the Owl Magic toolbox of simple anxiety-busting strategies. Journey at your own pace through guided meditations, stories, poems, yoga poses, and writing prompts. Meet today’s challenges with the life-affirming power of your own intuition. This unique interactive guide provides many routes to your highest self so you can seize the incredible potential of the current moment.

Praise for Owl Magic

Owl Magic takes you gently by the hand and leads you to deeper self-awareness and self-actualization through stories, myths, meditations, and writing prompts, inviting us to peel
back the layers of who we are and how we navigate an imperfect world so we can step into our true power.
~Rachel Jepson Wolf, author of the Unplugged Family

With bold insight and clear vision, Petiet illuminates the current crisis facing our world to offer a vision of hope and a path through trying times. Owl asks, Who will lead us? And the answer is us: You and me.
~Lauri Ann Lumby, author of Song of the Beloved: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

Mary is a writer, poet, and publisher from Cape Cod, and her work is deeply influenced by the Cape’s nature and inspirational energy. Readers say they find their own treasure in her poetry, and have compared her work to Mary Oliver and Thoreau. Mary is the founder of Sea Crow Press, and currently divides her time between Cape Cod and Amsterdam, where she winters with her family and her cat Pip.