Publish with Sea Crow Press

creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Sea Crow Press is committed to building an accessible community of writers and dedicated to telling stories that matter. Welcome

We offer writers a fair publishing contract. As a small press we work directly with our authors to make their books a reality within a reasonable time frame.

We provide

Paperback format

ISBN and EAN assignment

Cover design

Interior design with image insertion

E-book format

Editorial services

Global Distribution

You Provide

A polished working manuscript within our publishing purview

A marketing plan

Sufficient computer savvy to work with our online editing program


You retain and manage your copyright

We believe writers should not pay to publish

To ensure the press breaks even, our authors are required to purchase a specific number of copies of their books at a 35% discount from the publishing price prior to publication

To ensure the author is not out of pocket, they can then sell the books at full price

55% discount on all subsequent author copies

Competitive royalty rates

Contact us if you’re interested in publishing with Sea Crow Press!