Sea Crow Press Welcomes Author Aline Lindemann

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Aline Lindemann is an artist and writer whose work honors and explores the intersection of spirituality and nature with a special emphasis on the meaning of home. Though she has traveled far and wide both for pleasure and in service to nonprofits that provide for displaced people seeking refuge in unfamiliar lands, it is her beloved Cape Cod home and an unceasing fascination with the sea that inspire and pervade her art and her writing. 

In her own words

I’m absolutely delighted to join Sea Crow Press with my forthcoming book DRIFT, a collection of poems and narratives that linger in moments when time morphs into something simultaneously spirit-filled and sluggish: observing the incoming tide, watching a grown child paddle out to sea, or the stupefying feeling of ineptness in the face of a broken world. This collection notices, and even celebrates those brief instances when the inextricable link between nature and spirit are so apparent. 

As a longtime artist, writer, spiritual seeker and religious studies professor, I’m quite comfortable hanging out in the abstract spaces between creeds and questions, certainty and skepticism. Many of the pieces in this collection are informed by countless hours of contemplation along the shores of Cape Cod, and several emerged from repeated trips to refugee camps in Greece where so many Yazidi people befriended me and shared their stories of hardship and determination. I learned more from them and their innate knowledge of themselves as integral members of nature’s grand oneness than they will ever know.  

Blessed to have lived many years in the deserts of Arizona, and now on the shores of Cape Cod, my faith journey, the natural beauty of the Cape, and all who drift, whether deeper within or across unknown lands in search of rest, are constant sources of inspiration. 

Aline Lindemann studied and taught for many years at Arizona State University, Ottawa University and the Religious Literacy Project at Harvard Divinity School. She currently owns a small boutique on Cape Cod called Cottage that celebrates the beauty of vintage goods and new art by local artists. 

Rock of Ages

When you sit on my porch you’re really sitting with Rock.

A long time ago, a retreating glacier left a huge rock in my front yard.

When you sit on my porch you’re really sitting with Rock. In summer, soft green lichen covers its top. In winter it stands above the snowline, and kids like to climb upon it playing king of the mountain. 

For all I know,  Rock goes deep into the earth, possibly emerging in China…*

A long time ago, Cape Cod was born of retreating ice. Before the trees, the road, and the house, the rock was there, and after all of today’s uncertainties, the rock will still be there.

We live atop a scene of ancient devastation.

Like the sky above and the ocean that surrounds the Cape, Rock sits in mute testament to endurance.

The sky and the ocean.

Does Rock remember? Perhaps.  Do we remember? Absolutely.

Low tide reveals ancient glacial rocks on a Cape Cod beach.

To sit with rock is to remember the long game, the endless bend and stretch of time. Rock is of the eons and surely full of stories. We are of this moment, and also full of stories, and we share with Rock this capacity to endure. 


Read Rock’s whole story in Moon Tide: Cape Cod Poems.

*Excerpts are from the poem Rock in Moon Tide: Cape Cod Poems